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Some students take courses at UW-Green Bay without pursuing a degree from UWGB. These students are called “special" or non-degree seeking students. Learn more about who is a Special Student and how to apply as a non-degree seeking student.

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Early College Credit Program

A special note for Early College Credit Program students. This state-wide program is designed for high-achieving high school students who are interested in taking courses at UW-Green Bay. This program may be an excellent fit for students who have exhausted their options for enriching and challenging courses available at their high schools. This program requires approval and collaboration with a student's counselor and school district. To learn more about the process to apply and enroll, please call 920-465-2111.

Looking for college level courses offered at your high school? Explore the UW-Green Bay College Credit in High School info to see if your school is a partner.

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