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Sample Course Plan

The program requirements are comprised of 54 credits for those with a Master’s degree. For students without a Master’s degree, an additional 30 graduate-level credits are required. Coursework is focused on the following four areas: 

  1. Leadership sequence: Composed of leadership core coursework
  2. Inquiry sequence: Coursework covers research design and methods
  3. Emphasis sequence: Choice of emphasis area selected by the students based on their professional goals
  4. Application sequence: Coursework covers a field-based course, immersive leadership seminar (on-campus), and your dissertation project.

The below table gives a sample course plan with all course requirements; our program allows you the flexibility to tailor coursework to your educational and career goals.

Year 1

EDUC 706 Doctoral Inquiry (3 cr)

EDUC 717 Organizational Theory and Behavior (3 cr)

EDUC 719 Leadership for Equity (3 cr)

EDUC 809 Advanced Qualitative Methods (3 cr)

EDUC 801 Seminar in Leading with Emerging Technologies (3 cr)
Year 2

EDUC 718 Leading Diverse Organizations (3 cr)

EDUC 808 Introduction to Quantitative Methods (3 cr)

EDUC 806 Research Design and Methods (3 cr)

EDUC 713 Leadership Field-based Application (4 cr)

EDUC 811 Seminar: Immersive Leadership Experience (on-campus in summer, 4 cr) 
Year 3

EDUC 888 Dissertation Project Seminar (4 cr)

Emphasis course (3 cr)

EDUC 899 Dissertation (2 cr)

Emphasis course (3 cr)

Year 4

EDUC 899 Dissertation (2 cr)

Emphasis course (3 cr)

EDUC 899 Dissertation (2 cr)

Emphasis course (3 cr)

Andria Moon

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