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Commitment to Learning

We are a partnership of 68 county and 2 tribal human service agencies in Wisconsin, committed to providing training and supporting best practices in crisis intervention and other behavioral health services.  BHTP offers a variety of learning opportunities through our self-paced curriculum and live training. We are committed to working closely with our county and tribal agency partners to best meet their behavioral health training needs.

Training Offerings

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At a Glance

The Behavioral Health Training Partnership (BHTP) at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay (UWGB) is an experienced training entity, providing training, consultation, and support services for Wisconsin county and tribal human services professionals and other community organizations. Prior to the BHTP, counties in the region struggled to ensure that their staff and providers met the necessary requirements for training and supervision in order to obtain third party reimbursement. A membership fee to the participating counties has sustained the core training partnership.  Over the past 5 years, BHTP has expanded membership across the state of Wisconsin.


BHTP is comprised of full and partial member county and tribal human service agencies.

Membership Types


A Steering Committee provides leadership and direction in developing policies and strategies related to training, fiscal, and operational aspects of the Behavioral Health Training Partnership.

BHTP Steering Committee


BHTP provides a diverse array of live and self-paced training options designed to support best practices in behavioral health care.


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Map of Partner Counties

Our partnership of 51 full member counties, 2 full member tribal nations, and 17 partial member counties extend to all corners of Wisconsin.  Each member pays an annual contribution to sustain the partnership, and all members have access to high quality training in a variety of formats.

Information about Counties  

BHTP Staff

The partnership is staffed by a Director, Jessica Delzer, a Trainer & Development Specialist, Liz Bartz, a Training Coordinator, Joanne Tulachka, a part-time Project Coordinator, Cori McFarlane, and Department Assistants, Theresa Mullen and Mitchel Brock. The BHTP Steering Committee provides oversight to the staff of the partnership.

MeEt Our Team

Mitchel Brock, Theresa Mullen, Jessica Delzer, Joanne Tulachka, and Liz Bartz
Jessica Delzer

Membership Questions?

BHTP Director Jessica Delzer can help.  Contact Jessica via phone at (920) 465-2363 or email at