The Traditional BSN program application is open from March 1 to May 15.  Applicants will be notified by July 15 regarding admission decisions. Applicants are encouraged to review the Traditional BSN admission requirements on the website.

The application is an electronic form where students provide the following information:

  • List of previously attended higher education institutions: List all colleges/universities you have attended to date (including year of attendance, total credits received, & degrees earned if applicable).
  • Total Number of Course Credits Completed by June 1st (include transfer credits)
  • Total Number of Credits in Progress (including summer term)
  • Cumulative GPA (this will be validated)
  • Enrollment status of required science courses
  • Status of Nursing Assistant Course (must be complete by start of spring Nursing courses) 
    • If complete, you will be able to upload your unofficial transcript, high school transcript, or certificate of completion
  • Upload a resume (resume template)
  • Prepare a 4-6 minute video responding to the following questions:
    1. What motivated you to select nursing as your academic and career path?
    2. Nursing programs are intense, rigorous educational experiences that require perseverance and resilience. Describe a time that you persevered in the face of a significant challenge. What skills or attributes did you employ to overcome the challenge?
    3. Is there additional information, not included in the application, that you feel will help us understand more about you and your interest in nursing as a career?   


Questions regarding the application can be directed to the Nursing and Health Studies staff at or 920-465-2826.