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Admission Requirements

The practice of nursing is an art and a science. This means a strong science background will increase your success in the program and ultimately improve patient treatment.

Remember, before applying to the BSN program, you need to apply to UW-Green Bay and select Pre-Nursing as your major. Here are the admission requirements for the BSN program:

  • Complete 30 college credits (transfer credits included).
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 college GPA (transfer GPAs will be evaluated along with UW-Green Bay GPA).
    • Note that science GPA* will be considered separately
  • At time of application, complete 3 of the 4 required science courses (theory & lab) with a "C" or better:
    1. Biology 201/202: Principles of Biology: Cellular & Molecular Processes or equivalent
    2. Chemistry 108/109: Survey of General, Organic & Biochemistry or equivalent
    3. Human Biology 240/241: Anatomy & Physiology or equivalent
    4. Human Biology 323/326 Medical Microbiology or Biology 323/324: Principles of Microbiology or equivalent. 
      • NOTE: Applicants must complete all 4 required science courses before starting nursing courses in spring.
  • Complete the Nursing Assistant Course (CNA). NOTE: CNA course must be completed before starting nursing courses in spring.
  • Be able to pass a criminal background check per professional licensure requirements.
  • Submit a video response to the application questions.

Additional Considerations:

  • Have community service/volunteer experience
  • Bilingual

BSN Application Process

The BSN program application is open from March 1 to May 31. You will be notified by July 15 regarding admission decisions. Nursing courses start in the spring semester. Before applying to the program, please review the BSN admission requirements on this page.

The application is an electronic form where you'll provide the following information:

  • List all colleges/universities you have attended to date (including year of attendance, total credits received and degrees earned, if applicable).
  • Enrollment status of required science courses.
  • Status of Nursing Assistant Course; if complete, you can upload your unofficial transcript, high school transcript or certificate of completion.
  • Resume (check out our resume template).
  • A 4-6 minute video responding to the following questions:
    • What motivated you to select nursing as your academic and career path?
    • Nursing programs are intense, rigorous educational experiences that require perseverance and resilience. Describe a time that you persevered in the face of a significant challenge. What skills or attributes did you employ to overcome the challenge?
    • Is there additional information, not included in the application, that you feel will help us understand more about you and your interest in nursing as a career?
    • How to Upload a Video

Begin the Application Process

Nurse Scholar Option

The Nurse Scholar option offers direct admission into the BSN Program for high-achieving students. We consider high school GPA and grades in science and math courses. We also look at non-academic variables like volunteering, community service and your personal statement.

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