Program Outcomes

By the end of the BSN program, the individual will be able to:

  • Engage in professional nursing practice that is patient-centered and culturally appropriate for individuals, families and communities. (VIII, IX)
  • Demonstrate clinical judgement through the delivery of evidence-based nursing care across the lifespan. (III & IX)
  • Integrate principles of quality improvement, safety, and sustainability into nursing practice within healthcare organizations and systems. (II)
  • Use knowledge sources effectively to deliver health promotion, disease prevention strategies designed to improve population health outcomes.  (VII)
  • Demonstrate leadership and caring behaviors via advocacy, fiscal awareness, and analysis of health policy in dynamic healthcare environments.  (V, VIII)
  • Engage in effective communication and interprofessional collaboration in the delivery of health care for quality patient outcomes. (VI)
  • Use technologies for the management of information, delivery of patient care, and to support nursing innovation. (IV)