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About Business Analytics

Not Just Numbers

Business analytics requires a human touch (and brain)!

Numbers are not objective; current data is based on past data, which is made by humans and is therefore inherently biased. To create better, socially responsible corporations that don’t rely on data blindly, we need experts who can understand how these systems can go wrong and how these biases are created. Through our program, you’ll become an ethical, socially responsible leader.

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According to Forbes, 60% of all internships turned into a full time job.

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In any industry.

And we do mean any industry. From agriculture, retail, sports and more, knowing how to effectively use data is essential for any organization. Netflix uses data to drive data recommendations. The Packers use historical data to assess future strategies. Spotify uses data to put together Spotify Wrapped, which tells a more emotive, intriguing story. The list of companies goes on, so if you're drawn to a particular industry, you'll have a place with your business analytics degree.

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Business as (Not So) Usual

Cofrin School of Business

If you pursue the emphasis in business analytics, you’ll also get access to resources within the Cofrin School of Business. They offer career counseling, networking events, scholarship opportunities, career experience and more. The center also builds partnerships with local businesses so you can meet with local experts and impact our community.

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Professor Gaurav Bansal

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A nationally and internationally recognized scholar, Professor Gaurav Bansal is committed to student success. If you have any questions about our business analytics program, just ask!

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