The Center for Food in Community & Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay facilitates interdisciplinary scholarship to enhance the synergy between sustainable food systems and a sound environment, healthy people, and equitable communities, locally and globally.

Center for History and Social Change promotes historical study, thought and discourse at the University of Wisconsin -- Green Bay and in the wider regional community through organizing and sponsoring lectures, seminars, and other events on campus conducted by outstanding visiting historical scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

The Center for Middle East Studies (MECENTER) serves first and foremost to promote the cultures and languages of the Middle East. The Center assists and helps promote the Arabic language courses, serves as a resource for the infusion of greater Middle Eastern content into pre-existing courses, and in conjunction with the Office of International Education helps build and maintain ties to academic institutions in the Middle East, particularly our burgeoning relationship with the University of Jordan. Additionally, the Center serves an outreach capacity as a resource for Middle Eastern studies, both to K-12 schools as well as to the community as a whole. Finally, the Center continues to pursue grants and funding opportunities related to the Middle East.

Hmong Studies Center was chartered in 2007. It is charged with developing and facilitating courses in Hmong Studies, supporting student and faculty research, and organizing on-campus events including a lecture series that will focus on Hmong life and culture and feature leading scholars and professionals. Look for additional information to be added during the year.

Center for Public Affairs enhances civic engagement and quality of life in the community by conducting applied and scholarly research, and technical assistance; providing students opportunities for internships, service learning, honors research, and civic engagement; sponsoring educational programs to share information and dialog about civic issues; providing a mechanism for collaboration between community organizations and citizens.

Voyageur: Northeast Wisconsin’s Historical Review is a non-profit magazine dedicated to exploring the history and prehistory of a twenty-six-county region of greater Northeast Wisconsin.  The magazine’s coverage area extends from the Sheboygan and Fond du Lac areas northward to the Michigan border, and from Lake Michigan westward to the Wisconsin River region.  Published biannually since 1984, Voyageur is published by the Brown County Historical Society in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.