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Center for Food in Community & Culture

Harvesting Knowledge

Healthy, sustainable food systems one meal at a time.

As a collaboration between UW-Green Bay faculty and local experts, the Center for Food in Community and Culture seeks to strengthen northeast Wisconsin's local food systems through education, resources and local events.

UW-Green Bay nutrition student teaches community children gardening

Our Mission

The Center encourages, develops, conducts and communicates work that:

  • Integrates multiple disciplines, including nutritional sciences, anthropology, nursing, economics, environmental policy, social work, business administration, education and the arts.
  • Draws upon local knowledge of sustainable food production, distribution and consumption.
  • Relates local food systems and practices to national and global ones.
  • Analyzes the relationship between food systems and the environment, personal and public health, equitable communities and food security.
  • Examines ways to address the immediate needs of people facing malnutrition and hunger.
  • Considers how food systems relate to income and power inequities, including those between rich and poor countries.
  • Considers the significance of culture and aesthetics in shaping food systems and practices.

Be a Locavore

A "locavore" is a person who eats food that's grown and produced in their local area whenever possible. Why is that important? It produces less waste because you're not eating packaged and/or shipped foods, and you support local farmers.

Group of young kids gardening
New Leaf Foods, Inc.

Support the well-being of the people of northeast Wisconsin with programs that educate consumers about healthy food; improve access to healthy food, particularly for underserved populations; and promote local family farms.

Turn a New Leaf

Green and purple grapes on display for sale at farmer's market
Wisconsin Local Foods Network

This is a network of individuals and organizations who advocate for affordable access to healthy locally grown food for ALL Wisconsin residents and sustainable farms of all sizes.

Go Local

Close up of woman picking out green peppers at farmer's market
Local Farmers Markets

What better way to spend a Saturday than supporting local farmers and artisans? Find farmers markets throughout Wisconsin and access an easy way to become a locavore.

Find a Farmers Market

Laurel Phoenix

Let's Connect

Want to know more about our initiatives? Get in touch with Laurel Phoenix, whose research interests include water, rural planning and resilient communities.

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