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Center for Games & Interactive Media

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The Center for Games and Interactive Media fosters a collaborative, supportive environment focused on game creation, research and professional engagement at UW-Green Bay and within the larger community. Whether you’re writing a tabletop role-playing game, designing a digital game, crafting a board game or experimenting with multimodal forms, we'd love to help you!

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Students learn how to live stream a gaming session


Get the latest updates about what's going on at the Center on our Twitter page.

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Join us online as we play everything from mainstream games like Elden Ring and Minecraft to indie favorites like Stardew Valley, Monster Prom and more.

Twitch Streams   


Join us online as we play everything from mainstream games like Elden Ring and Minecraft to indie favorites like Stardew Valley, Monster Prom and more.

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Students working on video gameStudents working on video game narratives and storytelling.Two students play Magic The Gathering.A student-made video game being displayed in front of a group.

What is Interactive Media?

Interactive media allows the user to control and manipulate aspects like text, sound, graphics and animation. From board gaming to video gaming, it thrives on new ideas, and delivers opportunities for you to create and explore. Our interactive media can include:

  • Student-created video games
  • Student-created, faculty-led tabletop roleplaying games
  • Interactive poetry
  • Augmented reality projects
  • ...and so much more! What's your idea?

Level Up Your Knowledge

The Center's goal is to provide you with the tools and experience to engage in an ever-evolving industry while also helping you pursue passions in art, writing, coding and more. Have an interest in game design or game writing as a career? Check out these degree options at UW-Green Bay.

Student designs video game on dual monitors in media room

Game Studies

Build essential skills in communication, software design, prototyping, and more to bring your gaming dreams to life, and embark on a thrilling journey that will shape the future of gaming.

Game Studies Courses   

Student working at laptop covered in colorful stickers

Game Writing

Unleash your creativity in this emphasis as you become the storyteller behind compelling interactive experiences, exploring robust worlds and dynamic narratives in gaming.

Game Writing Courses   

Group of students playing board games at UW-Green Bay Board Game Night

Game Night

Get ready to roll the dice.

There's no better way to unwind and recharge than through our bi-monthly Board Game Night. Whether you're a fan of classic strategy games that test your intellect or prefer the thrill of fast-paced party games, we've got it all covered. For the date and time of our Fall 2023 Game Night, watch for updates on Instagram and Facebook.

Get Involved

Through our projects, we help students create their own games, faculty integrate games into the classroom, and community members design student-centered projects focused on games and multimedia. We celebrate an incredible range of games that span from beloved classics to the latest cutting-edge future tech. Reach out to learn more about any of these projects.

  • Streaming: We're partnering with LiveX to improve streaming technology on campus and to offer opportunities for students interested in developing their streaming skills.
  • Phoenix AR: We collaborate with the Education Center for First Nations Studies and local XR developer, Foresight Studios, to create Phoenix AR, a free app for iPhone and Android that uses augmented reality to tell stories of underrepresented perspectives on our campus.
  • Global Game Jam: the Center supports the annual Global Gam Jam in Green Bay, an annual, international event at which developers and enthusiasts of all skill levels collaborate to make original games over a 48-hour period.

About Us

The Center for Games and Interactive Media aims to foster community engagement and creativity through the medium of games and media. Contact us to talk about your creative ideas, and feel free to visit and see what we are up to!


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