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Camp Policies

We look forward to working with you and making sure that your kids have a fun, safe, exciting experience! Certain policies have been developed in order to assure their safety and well-being. The camp reserves the right, upon notification of parents/guardians, to dismiss any camper during any session for improper dress, conduct, language, or attitude which, in the judgment of the administrative or counseling staff, is deemed detrimental to the other campers or smooth operation of the camp. If in the judgment of the administrative or counseling staff, your child's conduct violates the following rules and regulations, they may be dismissed without refund of fees and/or referred to appropriate authorities.

General Policies

  1. You may not possess, use, distribute or sell alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms, weapons (including knives) or fireworks.
  2. You may not possess or use any tobacco products or e-cigarettes while in attendance at camp.
  3. If you are found tampering with any fire equipment (i.e. fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc) you will be dismissed from camp immediately. Also, University officials are required by law to report the responsible individual(s) to local authorities who will fine and may prosecute them under State Statute 941.13 (which calls for a fine of up to $500 or imprisonment of not more than one year or both).
  4. You may not interfere with any security system or tamper with locks in any area of campus.
  5. Lewd and offensive speech or actions that undermine camp decorum are strictly prohibited.
  6. You shall not be permitted to wear clothing that contains pictures of and/or writing referring to alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, sexual references, profanity, violence and/or illegal drugs. You will be asked to go home and change clothes if what you are wearing is inappropriate.
  7. Because of the potential danger to others and University property, vandalism and pranks will not be permitted.
  8. No pets of any kind are allowed at camp.
  9. Guests and visitors (parents/guardians and other immediate family members) will not be allowed to enter or join camp at any time.
  10. Cell Phones: You may bring cell phones to camp, but they must be turned off during any camp activity.
  11. Commuter Campers: You may not leave the camp premises at any time during the camp day.
  12. Parking: Campers who bring a vehicle to camp are required to submit their license plate number at check-in. Failure to do so will result in a parking ticket. Do not park in 15-minute or loading zones.
  13. Campers who leave their classroom during class sessions without permission will be promptly sent home.
  14. Computer Use: Campers are not allowed to use campus computers unless they are in a supervised setting. Computer kiosks located on campus are off-limits to campers.
  15. Commuter Campers Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policy: Parents/Guardians are advised to drop-off/pick-up campers promptly at the start and end of each camp day. Staff members are on site 30 minutes before camp begins and 15 minutes after camp concludes. Failure to pick up your camper on time will result in a supervisory charge of $15 per hour.

Discipline Behavior

Camp staff is trained to model and enforce age-appropriate behavior guidelines and reflective communication. We encourage self-control, self-direction, responsibility and cooperation. We will do our best to provide behavioral support to any camper demonstrating a need or disrupting a camp. Open communication between guardians and camp is considered key in terms of effective discipline.

If the child’s behavior is extremely disruptive and/or harmful to themselves or others, a parent may be asked to remove the child from camp for the remainder of the day. The camp reserves the right, upon notification of parents, to dismiss any camper during any session for improper conduct, language, dress or attitude which, in the judgment of the summer camp administrative and counseling staff, is detrimental to the well-being of other campers or smooth operation of the camp.

Photo & Video Images

Camp images help us to tell the story of our organization and our mission. They may be used for non-commercial purposes only, such as print publications, UW-Green Bay websites, e-communications, presentations and documents about UW-Green Bay for admission, recruitment, fundraising or institutional purposes. We appreciate your cooperation and consent in allowing us to photograph your child for use in various mediums without any personal identifiers. You have our assurance that these images will be used only for official purposes and with the respect and consideration to which you are entitled.


Cancellations can be made up to 2 weeks prior to the start of camp. A $25 administrative fee is charged for all cancellations, the remainder will be refunded to you. No cancellations or refunds are available with less than two weeks' notice. If camper must cancel for medical reasons, including COVID-19, a prorated credit can be provided in camper's account in CampDoc.

To cancel, please email and we will work with the specific camp director to support your cancellation.

In the event a camper requests to switch camp sessions, an additional $25 processing fee will be applied. We reserve the right to cancel any camp due to low enrollment; in such a case, all fees paid will be refunded or the camper can choose to apply fees to a different camp/class in the same year. Overpayments of less than $10 will not be refunded.