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It's all About Who You know

A great network means great opportunity.

Networking isn't only about making connections or sharing ideas. For someone early in their career, it's a way for you to share what you're good at and to cultivate opportunities

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Alumni Connections & Networking

Networking is a great way to learn more about various career and organizations, and to connect with a range of professionals in your areas of interest. Networking is connecting with people you know as well as new individuals that can help you learn more about particular occupations, industries, organizations and other aspects of the world of work. It is an essential tool for exploring your career interests and for finding jobs and internships. Everyone you know is part of your network – family, friends, coworkers, classmates, faculty, advisors, coaches, etc. – and each one of them has their own network of contacts as well.

In addition to the people you already know, expand your network by connecting with employers, alumni and other professionals in your field of interest. Job and internship fairs, professional organizations, community events and volunteering are all potential means of expanding your network of contacts.


You can use LinkedIn to connect with UW-Green Bay alumni and other professionals in your field of interest.

  1. Create your profile
  2. Join the “UW-Green Bay Alumni” group.
  3. Also search for alumni on the UW-Green Bay company page on LinkedIn.

UW-Green Bay Alumni Group

Young Professional Networks

These organizations offer opportunities to participate in social events, leadership programs and community service projects to meet other new professionals. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce to find this network anywhere in the U.S. We have made a list for areas of Chicago , Minneapolis and Wisconsin.

Young Professional Networks

Social Networks

View our Online Professional Networks page to view additional resources and related CareerSpots videos.

Online Professional Networks

Network with Area Professionals

A unique benefit of the greater Green Bay area are the local businesses that give our students more career options. Get acquainted with our most engaged partners.

Partner of the Year

Our Recruitment Partner of the Year award recognizes a local organization that is committed to providing opportunities for UW-Green Bay students and graduates.

See Past Partners of the Year

How to Prepare for Networking

  • Identify what you want to accomplish from your interaction or discussion.
  • Conduct some research on the issues you want to discuss so you are able to ask more in-depth, informed and useful questions.
  • For questions you might ask a contact and questions they might ask you, check out our networking conversation starters.
  • Gather materials that would be helpful to take to your meeting (i.e. a resume if you would like feedback from a professional in the field).
  • Dress appropriately for the work environment in which you will be meeting.
  • Be punctual for your in-person or virtual appointment or telephone call.
  • Send a thank you note or e-mail after your meeting to express your appreciation for their time and information.

Video: Put Yourself Out There

Documentary Film Producer Stephanie Ayanian has excellent advice for budding film producers, but this message is important for everyone. Actively meet other professionals in your field. Get business cards. Ask for advice. Put yourself out there.

Watch the Video

Need Help?

It's fantastic that you're looking into networking. If you need a professional outfit, we can help you with the Career Closet. If your resume could use a polish, we're here to help you revise it. Just ask.

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