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Recruiting Policies & Services

Career Planning & Professional Connections at UW-Green Bay provides employers with recruitment services which include (but are not limited to):

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Ethical Standards

Career Planning & Professional Connections provides recruitment services to employers and individuals who abide by employer standards of ethical conduct established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Ethical PRactice Principles - NACE

Guidelines for Extending Job Offers and Deadlines

We acknowledge that each organization is unique as are their hiring needs. Employers are encouraged to provide students sufficient time to make sound, informed decisions, which in turn will result in a more committed hire for your organization. Offers that have special incentives attached (i.e., exploding offers) are prohibited. Please refer to the NACE Advisory Opinion on Setting Reasonable Deadlines for Job Offers.

Job & Internship Fair Policies

To participate in a job & internship fair, an organization must be seeking candidates for:

  • Full-time professional positions (which require a Bachelor's degree)
  • Career-related internships

If you have questions about these criteria, please contact Career Planning & Professional Connections at (920) 465-2163 or

Career Planning & Professional Connections reserves the right to limit the number of organizations and industries attending the fair based upon the majors and career interests of our students.

Employers with Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Employers and individuals offering employment or entrepreneurial opportunities with compensation packages requiring partial commission or requiring prospective employees to purchase products or services contingent upon their employment may post their opportunities in Handshake.

Post Opportunities in Handshake
If compensation is based exclusively on commission or fees/percentage of sales from others under their sponsorship in the organization (pyramid or multi-level networking structures), these organizations are not able to participate in recruitment activities through Career Planning & Professional Connections.

Third-Party/Staffing Agencies

Career Planning & Professional Connections will provide recruitment services to organizations that provide recruiting/staffing services only if they do not charge a fee to students. Recruiting/staffing services must also, when requested, permit Career Planning & Professional Connections to request and verify information on the specific employer(s) represented and/or the specific job(s) being advertised. Career Planning & Professional Connections reserves the right to decline a position if it has an ongoing relationship with the employer being represented by the recruitment/staffing service, and/or if Career Planning & Professional Connections has questions about the legitimacy of the job listing or the represented employer. These organizations will only be allowed to attend the job & internship fair events if they are hiring a full-time professional position or career-related internship specifically for their organization.

Policy Regarding Posters/Flyers

UW-Green Bay does not allow outside organizations or job agencies to post flyers around campus; Public Safety will remove any unauthorized flyers around campus. If you have a poster/flyer that you would like us to post in Career Planning & Professional Connections, you may forward one to our attention.

Services & Fees for Employers

Job & Internship Postings

At UW-Green Bay, all job and internship openings are managed in Handshake, our online recruitment system. There is no cost for employers to use Handshake. Once an organization has an approved account, they will be able to post their listings in the system.

See Handshake for Employers

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus recruiting provides you the opportunity to interview potential candidates at UW-Green Bay. These interviews are scheduled and managed through Handshake. This system allows you to review resumes submitted to you by candidates and view your interview schedule.

About On-Campus Interviews

Information Tables & Information Sessions

These options are a direct and immediate way to inform students about your organization, current career opportunities and application procedures, as well as a way to informally meet prospective candidates. Employers can reserve space on campus through the University Union for a fee. Please let us know when you have made arrangements so that we can list your visit in our Handshake events calendar and publicize it to students.  If you would like to provide refreshments for your event, please contact University Catering. 


Hiring an intern from UW-Green Bay is a "win-win" experience for both the employer and the student. It is an opportunity for you to gain assistance with special projects and day-to-day operations, while the student gains real world experience. The Career Planning & Professional Connections staff serves as liaisons to direct you to faculty contacts to coordinate internships as well as post the positions through Handshake, our online recruitment system.

See our Internship Employers Guide

Job & Internship Fairs

These fairs, held in the Fall (late September/early October) and Spring (late February/early March) allow your organization to network with potential candidates, students and recent alumni, at a variety of academic levels. The focus of these events is to recruit for full-time/professional positions and career-related internships. The registration fee covers the cost of a display area (including a table and 2 chairs) and all related event advertising. Due to space limitations, we are not able to offer registration to employers who are seeking part-time/seasonal employees or entrepreneurial (home-based business) opportunities.

See Job & INternship fair Events

Graduate & Professional School Visits

If you wish to arrange a visit to the UW-Green Bay campus, please contact Career Planning & Professional Connections at (920) 465-2163 or

Teacher Recruitment Fairs

UW-Green Bay works cooperatively with the twelve other Universities of Wisconsin schools to co-sponsor the Wisconsin Educational Recruitment Fair (WERF) held in Wisconsin. View our Job & Internship Fairs page for more details.

See Job & INternship fair Events

Student Demographics

The UW-Green Bay Office of Institutional Strategy and Effectiveness provides accurate and timely information about our students and our institution. The link below provides information on student demographics, enrollment by major and minor, profile of new students and enrollment history. Please contact Career Planning & Professional Connections specifically if you have a unique question about our students at UW-Green Bay.

UW-Green Bay FactBook

Visiting UW-Green Bay

Here are links to help you find our campus, office and other Green Bay area facilities and attractions:

Questions? Contact us.

Email Career Planning & Professional Connections or call with questions at 920-465-2163.

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