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Choose a Major

Your Choice of Major

It's your first major decision.

Your choice of major is a very individual decision. You will learn the material, write the papers, conduct the research and take the exams. You—and you alone—should decide what you will major in. You may be hesitant, but there are real benefits to declaring a major early and little reason not to. And we're here to help.

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Major Guide

This guide will help you answer what you should consider when selecting a major.

Guide to Majors

Research Majors

Research majors to find the academic plan that's fits your interests and skills to help you find the ideal career.

Research Majors

Career Assessment

Understand how your unique talents and values map to a career with these self-guided career exploration tools.

Take the Focus 2 Career Assessment

Benefits to Declaring a Major

There are many benefits to declaring a major, even if you are not yet certain. Don't worry. If you discover interest in a different major, you can always change it.

  1. You are assigned an advisor specific to your major when you declare. This gives you an opportunity to get to know the department's procedures and policies, gain firsthand information about which courses to take, and receive assistance and advice specific to the program and curriculum.
  2. Save time and money by taking courses specified to your major. You will know the recommended sequences in which to take courses, and how frequently they are offered, so you won't waste time taking classes you don't need.
  3. Become eligible for major-specific scholarships. A good number of scholarships are available only to students with a certain major. The sooner you declare, the sooner you can be eligible for major specific scholarships.
  4. Gain access to student organizations, honor societies and departmental activities. All of these things can help you network more effectively with faculty, alumni, and other students in the department, who can provide a wealth of information based on their experiences.
  5. Enroll in courses that match your interests. If you know you're interested in a subject, the sooner you declare, the sooner you get access to courses within that major.
  6. Relieve stress by having a plan.

Need Help?

Trying to choose a major can be tough. No doubt you have questions about what all this means to you. If your major research has taken you to a point that you're ready to talk to an advisor, just call, email or stop by for a drop-in session.

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