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Career Planning Course

Psychology 225

Still undecided about your major or career goal? Register for Career Planning (PSYCH 225) next semester. This one-credit course provides students with the knowledge and resources necessary for effective career decision-making in college. The class sessions and assignments focus on self-assessment, learning and applying career development theories, exploring major and career options, and establishing goals for career/life planning. Two sections are offered each semester for both the fall and spring semesters. The course is open to all students.

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Career Exploration Digital Badge

Career Exploration Badge
A Digital Badge is a validation of an accomplishment, skill set, or competency that a learner has earned. Digital Badges can be placed on a digital platform such as LinkedIn, to show employers you have the critical capabilities and competencies your role, or the role you seek, requires.
The Career Exploration digital badge is awarded to UW-Green Bay students who complete the Career Planning course (PSYCH 225) with a grade of AB or higher.   This course is offered by Career Services through the Psychology department.
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