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Advertise your Positions in Handshake!


There is no cost for employers to post their job and internship listings on-line in Handshake, which is our 24/7 accessible system for enrolled students and recent/registered alumni.  Want more information? View Handshake for Employers or contact our office at (920) 465-2163.

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What information will I need to list a position in Handshake? 

The following information will help you to post a complete position listing and attract appropriate candidates for your position(s):
  • Job Title
  • Company/Organization Name
  • Location: Street Address, City, State, Zip Code
  • Salary (optional)
  • Classification: full-time, part-time, internship
  • Required Student Status (ex: Junior, Senior, Alumnus?)
  • Job Description: What are some of the basic duties of the position?
  • Desired Skills or Qualifications
  • Application Start and End Dates
  • Application Instructions


Policy Regarding Posters/Flyers

UW-Green Bay does not allow outside organizations or job agencies to post flyers around campus. Public Safety will remove any unauthorized flyers. If you have a poster/flyer that you would like us to post in Career Services, you may forward one to our attention. Questions? Please contact our office at (920) 465-2163.

Additional Questions?

If you have questions, please contact Career Services at (920) 465-2163.