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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consultants

The overarching goals of the EDI Consultant program are to increase UWGB’s use of evidence-based inclusive and equity-minded teaching strategies, reduce equity gaps, and promote an academic environment in which all students feel welcome and have the opportunity to succeed. The program defines diversity broadly and has included projects on student parent advocacy, first generation college students, Indigenous pedagogies, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

2023-24 Program

The EDI Consultant program has evolved and will be implementing some changes for 2023-24. In an attempt to serve even more instructors, we will begin offering a program with two tiers. We are calling for applications to both with the hope that we can support both instructors with advanced skills in the pedagogies mentioned above and those who have little or no experience with inclusive teaching approaches, but who want to learn more.

2022-23 Consultants

Consultant NameArea of Emphasis
Lisa LamsonFirst Generation Inclusive Pedagogy
Cory MathieuLanguage Inclusivty at UWGB
Lisa Poupart and Lois StevensFirst Nations Studies/Education Fushion Project
Jolanda SallmannSocial Work Student EDI Orientation

2021-22 Consultants

Consultant NameArea of Emphasis
Gaurav BansalBias in Artificial Intelligence
Christin DePouwCulturally Responsive / Sustaining Pedagogies (CRSP)
Tracy Fernandez-RysavyMicroaggressions
Alison GatesUniversal Design in Learning (UDL)
Amy KabrhelOpen Educational Resources (OER)
Carly KibbeEquity Gaps in Gateway & Introductory Courses
Katia LevintovaStudent Parent Advocacy
Bree LybbertInclusive Teaching Practices in STEM
Patricia TerryNew Faculty Mentoring
Cary WaubanascumIndigenous Pedagogies