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Why Do I Need a Transcript?

  • The college credits you earn are transcripted credits which means these credits will be shown on your UW-Green Bay college transcript. This is your student record with UW-Green Bay. 
  • If you're not attending UWGB, you'll want to transfer the credits you earned to the college you're going to attend. 
  • Credits transfer to all UW schools and to most out-of-state, private and technical colleges. Your course may fulfill a general education requirement.
  • For students taking a world language, Retroactive Credit information can be found here.

When Should I Order My Transcript?

We recommend to wait until July 1. Although you may have received your high school grade and graduated, your UWGB grade and credits need to be on your UWGB transcript when you order it. It also ensures any retroactive credits from world language courses are added on the transcript.

How Do I Order My Official Transcript?

This is how to request to have your official transcript sent with the credits you earned from UW-Green Bay to the college you’re attending.
  • Click here to begin. UW-Green Bay utilizes Parchment. 
  • Enter your email address. You will need to set up an account if you do not already have one. 
  • You do not need to enter your UWGB student ID. You can enter your social security number.
    • When asked for reason to order, select “Transfer”.
    • When asked when to release your transcript,  select “Hold for Grades". (If you order a transcript without selecting this option, you will be responsible for the cost to resend it if your grade and credits were not on your transcript.)
  • Track your order and check status here
  • The decision to accept or deny the credit transfers is at the discretion of that university or college. UW-Green Bay cannot control nor guarantee how other institutions accept credits.

Will I Need a Transcript for Any Other Reason?

If you are attending a college or university for an orientation visit it may be helpful to bring a copy of your ‘unofficial’ transcript to show them the course(s) you are taking for college credit. This will help in your discussion about how your credits will transfer. To view and print your unofficial transcript, access your account (SIS) and select ‘Transcript View Unofficial’ using the drop down menu under the Academics heading.

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Any questions or concerns, please reach out to ccihs@uwgb.edu.