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Transcripts & Transferring Credit

Exploring Credit Transferability

UW-Green Bay dual enrollment services support staff are here to help the next class of resilient problem-solvers, fearless dreamers, fun-seekers and forward-looking achievers take their UW-Green Bay credits and experience to whichever college or university they want to go. The schools in the University of Wisconsin System, the Wisconsin Technical College System and many other colleges across the country use Transferology to help students explore the transferability of their courses.

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How to Use Transferology

  1. Set up a free Transferology account
  2. Have available your UW-Green Bay department and course number, e.g. PSYCH 102, SPANISH 202
  3. Enter your course information into the transfer tool and browse transferability to other colleges

Guidance Only

Please note that UW-Green Bay and Transferology can only provide guidance on how courses will transfer. We can't offer a guarantee nor control anything. Ultimately, the transferability of a course is at the discretion of the receiving college or university.

If a Course is Not Listed

If a course is not listed in Transferology, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the course won't transfer. It just means the course transferability has not been evaluated yet. To find out how an unlisted course transfers, you could contact the receiving college or university’s transfer specialist or transfer coordinator. They will likely request a copy of the syllabus to complete their evaluation. If you haven’t taken the course yet and don’t have a syllabus, you can contact the relevant support staff who can give you a copy.

Transferring Credits

You’re graduating high school and have finished all of your UW-Green Bay courses – now it’s time to transfer the credits you’ve earned! Ordering your official UW-Green Bay transcript is the only way to prove you took a course, earned a grade and are eligible to apply those credits to a degree at another college or university.

You only send your official transcript to the one college or university you know for sure you are going to attend. Transcripts cost $10-$15 and must be ordered from UW-Green Bay’s Registrar Office.

When you order your transcript you will need:

  1. Your Social Security number or your 9-digit UW-Green Bay student ID number. If you don't know your student ID number, the relevant support staff can give it to you.
  2. A debit or credit card for the fee.
  3. If you are a College Credit in High School (CCIHS) student, please wait until after July 1 to order your transcript to ensure all courses and grades have been submitted, and your transcript is complete. Otherwise you risk having to re-order at additional expense.

For more information on ordering your official transcript, please visit the Registrar’s Office transcript page.

Coming to UW-Green Bay?

If you plan to come to UW-Green Bay after high school, great! You don't have to worry about ordering your transcript – your credits are already here.

Need an Unofficial Transcript?

If you need a transcript for a college visit or orientation or as “proof of college courses in progress” for a college or scholarship application, you can request your unofficial transcript from the relevant support staff. This is a document we can send you at any time that will have any courses and grades you’ve previously taken with UW-Green Bay along with the information for courses you are currently enrolled in, without a grade. There is no cost to request an unofficial transcript.

Need Help?

Please reach out to support staff specific to your service with any questions:

College Credit in High School

Dual Enrollment Access Academy

Early College Credit Program