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ACS Environmental Chemistry

Study, Protect, Improve

ACS elevates expertise in environmental chemistry research.

Focus on the effects that chemicals have on the air, water, soil and human health. With an emphasis in environmental chemistry, you can find employment with regulatory agencies and land management agencies. You could also work for environmental consulting companies and remediation firms.

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Like ACS Chemistry, this emphasis involves a variety of labs while also focusing on environmental science concepts.

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We’re here to help you navigate college—with our curriculum guide, you can get a sense of what classes to take, when.

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It’s the Green Bay way to go green. Your career will help champion sustainability and create a better environment for your community.

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Evolve Your Education

Earn your master's in Environmental Science & Policy from UW-Green Bay.

With a background in environmental chemistry, earning your master’s in Environmental Science & Policy means you can find a more specific research niche and improve your credentials, professionalism and marketability.

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If you need support finding the right path for you, Professors Mike Zorn and Mandeep Bakshi can be your guide.

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