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Explorers Wanted

Research takes your education further.

By completing research as an undergrad, you’ll build a strong resume, apply your knowledge and enhance your skills. You might even contribute new discoveries to improve your community!

Scientist looks at specimen in petri dish

Research for Credit

Complete CHEM 496 to earn credits while doing a research project. As part of the course, you'll prepare a research proposal, and work with a professor identify the research arrangement and how you'll complete the work to fulfill the course objectives within the assigned term.

Student taking notes during online class
Independent Study

Got an idea for a topic to explore? You can complete your own independent study for research. Through our facilities and equipment, you'll be prepared to explore your interests and make new discoveries.

Students work with professor in Biochemistry Lab
Research Labs

Each chemistry faculty member runs their own research lab and is always looking for students who want to participate. If you're interested, visit our contact page to see each professor's research interests.

DiemTuyen Phan

Real World Research

"I had the chance to join in on research under the supervisor of my biochemistry professor. That was a great opportunity for me to gain exposure to wet lab research environments and the skills that I gained from the lab research such as working in a biosafety cabinet. I still can apply it for my internship at pharmacy school now as I work in the IV pharmacy room. My professor also held a journal club for the research team and those activities help me a lot now to read the research articles and find reliable resources. They are skills that I still need to use and enhance in pharmacy school as a future healthcare provider."

DiemTuyen Phan '23
Chemistry Major | Graduate Student at University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

Julie Wondergem

Want to Know more?

Professor Julie Wondergem, the chair for our program, is an avid researcher and regularly works with students in her lab. If you have questions about research, get in touch with her.

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