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These are the credit and course requierments for an Emphasis in Journalism. View the Journalism Emphasis on the UW-Green Bay Catalog.

Supporting Courses 118
Core Courses
COMM 102
Introduction to Communication
COMM 133
Fundamentals of Public Address
COMM 185
Business and Media Writing
COMM 205
Elements of Media
COMM 290
Communication Problems and Research Methods
COMM 166
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
or COMM 237
Small Group Communication
Upper-Level Courses 130
COMM 302
News Reporting and Writing
COMM 380
Communication Law
COMM 382
Public Relations Campaigns
COMM 396
Advanced Reporting
COMM 425
Digital Journalism
COMM 474
Media Workshop I
COMM 475
Media Workshop II
Choose three upper-level elective courses in Communication 2
Total Credits48