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Declare as a Communication Major

The sooner you declare your major, the sooner you can take advantage of experiences specific to your major. Here's what you need to do to declare yourself as a communication major or minor.

  1. Express your program of interest to your advisor. To see who your advisor is, login to SIS.
  2. Identify your faculty mentor based on your emphasis:
  3. Review our curriculum rules:
    • Build Core Skills:  Complete 5 of 6 core skill courses (100-200 level). All 6 courses are required, but only 5 must be completed before you take courses specific to an area of emphasis. This block of courses serves as requisites for all courses. But don't worry – you can declare as a communication major when you successfully complete 30 credits.
    • Develop Professional Expertise:  Focus on completing the professional expertise courses (300 level) before tackling complex challenge courses (400 level).
    • Embrace Complex Challenges:  Respect your colleagues and professors by only taking complex challenge courses (400 level) when you believe you are ready, have completed most of your 300 level courses and can devote enough time to the classes.
  4. Ensure you're prepared to be a communication major. Complete the skills inventory application.
  5. Follow us on social media
  6. Join the Comm Voice email list. Subscribe
  7. Become a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Join PRSSA.
  8. Connect with peers, professors and professionals. Attend UWGB Communication Week events.