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Jennifer Ronsman

Jennifer Ronsman

MAC B322
Jenny Ronsman has been teaching English Composition at UW-Green Bay since 2007, and has also taught courses in Literature, Art, Creative Writing, and English Composition at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and Silver Lake College. In particular, she enjoys teaching general education writing courses because of the opportunity for one-on-one discussion with each student; she finds great satisfaction in helping each student to explore his or her individual path to writing well. Because writing is both practical and personal, she believes that all forms of composition—from a novel to a research paper—allow a writer to figure out how he or she wishes to contribute to both global and local discussions, a necessary part of engaging in any academic study. In her own search to understand how her voice fits in with the conversations around her, she has published both poetry and creative nonfiction in various literary quarterlies, and also contributed feature articles to the Green Bay Press Gazette.  She and her husband Mark welcomed their first child, Zoey, in November of 2014, and also enjoy the company of their small dog, Zelda (naturally named after Zelda Fitzgerald). She loves spending time outdoors with her family and friends, traveling, eating delicious food, and reading (and re-reading) everything ever written by the lovely Joan Didion. Jenny has a B.A. in Creative Writing from Beloit College, where she spent one semester at the National University of Ireland in Galway, and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Minnesota State University, Mankato.