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In carrying out its teaching, research, and public service activities, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has an obligation to maintain conditions under which the work of its members – the faculty, students and staff – can go forward freely, in accordance with the highest standards of excellence, institutional integrity and freedom of expression, and with full recognition by all concerned of the rights, privileges and responsibilities of those who comprise the UW-Green Bay community.

In furtherance of these efforts, it is necessary to establish and publish a set standard of policies upon which all in the UW-Green Bay Community shall comply. The established policies provide the rights and responsibilities to the UW-Green Bay community, as well as members of the public using UW-Green Bay resources.

Each student, staff and faculty member has a responsibility to UW-Green Bay's mission of teaching, research and public service. The policies are designed to protect and promote the rights of all individuals, assure compliance with all pertinent regulations and laws and limit interference in academic freedom.

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Auxiliary Reserve Policy
Copyrightable Instructional Materials, Ownership, Use and Control of
Return to Wisconsin Program
Academic Rules and Regulations (Graduate)
Academic Rules and Regulations (Undergraduate)
Academic Staff Complaint & Grievance
Academic Staff Layoff Policy
Acceptable Use: Information Technology
Account Maintenance Policy
Active Duty Policy
ADA - Reasonable Accommodation Request Form
Affirmative Action/EO Policy
Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy
American's with Disabilities
American's with Disabilities, Federal Law
Amnesty for Victims of Sexual Violence
Animal Use and Care Policy
Banners in Academic Buildings
Booth/Space Reservations
Building Hours & Access Policy
Caregiver Background Check
Cash Handling Policy
Cellular Phone Policy
Ceremonial Burning
Chalking on Sidewalks
Charitable Drive/Collection in Academic Buildings
Class Cancellation Procedures
Clery Compliance Policy
Clery Emergency Notification and Timely Warning
Code of Ethics, Nepotism
Compensation and Pay Plan
Conflict of Interest
Consensual and Familial Relationship Policy
Cookies and Tracking
Copyright Infringement Policy
COVID-19 Building Hours and Access Policy 7/1/2020 - 8/31/2020
Distance Education Policy
Drug-Free Workplace
EducationAssistance Policy
Email Distribution Policy
Emergencies Abroad
Emotional Support Animal (Housing)
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Equipment Surplus
Ethics Committee
Expectations for Learning
Export Controls
Facility Use Policy
Faculty Governance Handbook
Federal Law - Family and Medical Leave Act - Certification for Family Medical Leave (for Medical Pro
Fee Changes
Final Examination Policies
Food Event Policy and Procedures
Foreign Exchange Programs, Establishment
GDPR Notice
Gifts and Contracts from Foreign Sources
Harassment & Discrimination Policy
Inclement Weather / Emergency Conditions
Information Security Awareness
Information Security Policy Awareness
Information Technology: Websites
Information Technology; Accessibility Policy
International Visitors, Inviting and Welcoming
Library Circulation Policy
Library Facilities Use Policy
Limited Term Employee Handbook
Medical Amnesty
Minor Protection and Adult Leadership Policy
Missing Student Notification Policy
Naming Rights
Non-Payment of Institutional Charges Policy & Procedures
Office Hours and Institutional Closures Policy
Online Test Proctoring Policy
Paid Leave and Vacation Payout Policy
Parking Regulations
Policy & Procedure for Tracking Student Complaints
Posting Policy in Academic Buildings
Privacy Policy
Procurement Contracts
Program Revenue Policy
Qualifications for Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff
Recruitment and Hiring
Reimbursement of Travel Expenses Between Campuses
Reserves Policy
Residence Life Regulations
Responsible Service Policy (Alcohol)
Security Camera Policy
Service Animal Policy
Sexual Misconduct
Signature Authority
Smoking Policy
Social Media Policy
Student Bereavement Policy
Student Death Procedures
Student Employee Handbook
Student Extended Absence Policy
Students with Disabilities
Syllabi Policy
Testing Requirements for Students Residing in University Housing
Title IX
Title Review Policy
Tuition Payment for Students Exceeding 165 Degree Credits
Undergraduate Certificate Programs
University Staff Complaint & Grievance
University Style Guide
University Testing Requirements
Use of Library Instruction & General Access Lab
Use of Portable Indoor Heaters
Universities of Wisconsin - Legal Resources
Universities of Wisconsin - Policies
Universities of Wisconsin - Regents Policies
UW-Green Bay Rules on Policy Making
UW-Green BAy Safety Equipment Procedures
Violence and Threats: Policies and Guidelines
Whistleblower Law
Wisconsin Law - Academic Discipline
Wisconsin Law - Conduct on Universtiy Land
Wisconsin Law - Dept. of Adm.
Wisconsin Law - Non-Academic Discipline
Wisconsin Law - Use of State Facilities State Statute 16.845
Wisconsin Law - Use of Universtiy Facilities
Wisconsin Law - Universities of Wisconsin
Workplace Conduct Policy
Workplace Safety Policy