Accounts Payable

                                                                     Shop UW+ | Get started at ShopUW+ Essentials
ShopUW+ is our Procurement and Accounts Payable software. Get started at ShopUW+ Essentials website to access training and help resources, contact customer support, and use the ShopUW+ platform.  Make sure you bookmark the ShopUW+ Essentials website. 

Invoices, direct payments, and payment to individuals are processed through ShopUW+.
For campus specific job aides and Q&A meeting recordings, see the Purchasing website

Assistance Using ShopUW+  
We are currently working to resolve accessibility barriers in ShopUW+. To learn about the accessibility and usability of ShopUW+, go to ShopUW+ - Accessibility and Usability Information KB. If you need accessibility assistance, want to report an accessibility barrier, or if you are having difficulty using ShopUW+ or any of the training materials send an email to  


Carolyn Loberger                          Lea Truttmann
Accounts Payable                            Accounts Payable / Travel Coordinator
(920) 465-2206                               (920) 465-2227
CL 730                                             CL 730