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Speaker Series

Big Data, Big Ideas

Attend our 2023 Speaker Series.

Presented in collaboration with the UW Extended Campus, UW-Green Bay works in partnership with leading experts to organize a speaker series that demonstrates how to utilize big data in creative and powerful ways.

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The 2023 Big Data, Data Ideas Speaker Series starts on September 12, and goes to November 9.


The series is online and asynchronous. You will receive a link to each session.


Sessions are free! All you need to do is register in advance.

Fall 2023 Presenters

Portrait of Sheng Kartikey Srivastav

Kartikey Srivastav

Kartikey Srivastav (9/12)

Kartikey attained his undergraduate degree in mathematics with a computer science and physics minor from the University of Texas. He has interned at NASA (J.P.L), Microsoft and Tesla (Auto-Pilot Division). He was a Research Assistant for the American Heart Association and the University of Texas. He will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his graduate school. Kartikey will discuss his internship experiences and how he utilized data within those internships.

Portrait of Caleb Waack

Caleb Waack

Data Science, Epsilon

Caleb Waack (9/26)

Caleb is a Data Scientist at Epsilon and has his master's degree in data science from UW-La Crosse. He has worked with data and analytics for five-plus years and has done multiple projects in financial modeling, marketing campaign optimization and natural language processing. Caleb will be discussing Harry Potter and Natural Language Processing.

Portrait of Dinesh Venugopalan

Dinesh Venugopalan

Senior Staff Software Engineer, PayPal, Inc.

Dinesh Venugopalan (10/10)

Dinesh has worked in the payments engineering domain for over 15 years! He is involved in designing, developing and implementing new application features to support the payments system. He is proficient in C++, Java, Python and PL/SQL and is in the last phase of completing his master's degree in data science. Dinesh will discuss how network analysis enables us to comprehend the network relationships between airports' flight paths.

Portrait of Zena Fantaye

Zena Fantaye

Zena Fantaye (10/19)

Zena has a BA in economics and a master's in business administration. He is currently finishing his second masters's degree in data science. Zena will talk about how two different wars, the Ukraine War and the Tigray War, that took place simultaneously, were trending on Twitter and how the world reacted differently to these wars using text analysis.

Portrait of Lauren Mauel

Lauren Mauel

Business Administration Assistant Teaching Professor, UW-Green Bay

Lauren Mauel (10/31)

Lauren will speak on creative and collaborative technologies in art, data science and marketing. She will discuss creative AI, the field of art and the impact on AI, and bias within AI. Audience members will undergo a series of creative activities to test various AI applications!

Portrait of Sierra Erdman

Sierra Erdmann

Department of Learning & Assessment Data Analyst, CESA 6

Sierra Erdmann (11/9)

Sierra is a former K-12 math teacher who is now a data analyst for the Department of Learning & Assessment at CESA 6, a cooperative educational service agency. In this role, she combines her passions for data and education. She aims to incorporate sound data science practices into K-12 education to improve teaching and learning. She also wants to ensure we teach essential data science standards to K-12 students across the curriculum. Learn about Sierra’s journey to step outside her comfort zone of math in pursuing a master's degree in data science, her love of data to help teachers and students, and the growing need for more professionals with data science skills in education.

Lauren Mauel

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions about our Speaker Series, please contact Lauren Mauel, Assistant Teaching Professor, at