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Change isn't accomplished alone.

At UW-Green Bay, we want to ensure every student has the chance to make their voice heard. If you need more information about democracy and justice studies, please contact us.

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Faculty & Staff

Katia Levintova
Katia Levintova
Professor, Center for Civic Engagement Co-Director
Eric Morgan
Kimberley Reilly
Kimberley Reilly
Associate Professor, WGS Co-Chair
John Shelton
Jon Shelton
Associate Professor, DJS Chair
Nolan Bennett
Kimberley Reilly
Kimberley Reilly
Associate Professor

Co-Chair, WGS

Academic Advisor

After you declare your major, you will be assigned a professional advisor who specializes in our program. The democracy and justice studies program's professional advisor is listed below. To verify who your assigned advisor is, log into SIS.