UWGB Dining App

Download Instructions

  • Search for "Transact Mobile Ordering" in the App Store
  • Download the free app
  • Search for "UWGB Dining"
  • Login using UWGB credentials
  • Make sure Notifications are enabled for this app
More information about the Corner Store Online Ordering with Next Day Pick-Up Available

Dining App Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you deliver to my residence hall door?
On-campus delivery drivers are not allowed to enter any Residence Hall buildings on-campus. Generally all deliveries will be made to the exterior door of your facility. 
Q: What meal plan tender should I use when I want to use a meal on the UWGB Dining App?
All meals on the UWGB Dining App will be processed as a transfer meal tender which will deduct the meals from your regular meal balances.  Please select from Marketplace Meal, Garden Cafe Transfer, Green Bay Grill Transfer or Coffeehouse Transfer.

Q: Does the transfer meal restrictions still apply?
Yes, you are allowed to use 1 "transfer" meal per day from the Garden Café, Green Bay Grill/Phoenix Phresh, Common Grounds Coffeehouse, and The Cornerstore. There is no restrictions on meals per day at the Marketplace.

Q: Is there a way to track your meal plan and how many meals you’ve had so far per week? Same with transfer meals?
Yes, you can track your current card balances by using the UWGB Online Card office. Login in by clicking on the "UWGB Students, Faculty, and Staff log in here"

Q: How will Dining notify me about my Mobile Order?
Notifications will come directly through the UWGB Dining app. To ensure you have up-to-date information please make sure you allow notifications from the app. 

Q: How do I know when Dining locations are open?
Please view our building hours for updated building and dining hours of operation.

Q: What is the G8 station and can I order it using the UWGB Dining app?
G8 is a unique food station that is intended to provide menu options that are prepared without peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacean shellfish, eggs, milk, soy, wheat or gluten. Our culinary team is dedicated to offering minimally processed, fresh meals made from single-source ingredients without hidden additives or seasonings. The daily offerings of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy snack options are exquisitely prepared to appeal to all guests.  All food preparation for the G8 menu is done within the station area dedicated to G8. Dedicated kitchenware, from the serving tongs to the sauté pans, is used only within G8 while all pre-service food preparation is done on dedicated equipment and stored in special containers maintained by the G8 staff. G8 cooking and service staff are also trained in food allergen awareness and we encourage guests to discuss specific menu items, dietary restrictions or other questions with them at the station. Yes, the G8 options are located in the Marketplace location in the UWGB Dining app.

Q: What is All Day Breakfast?
The Marketplace is now offering breakfast options all day long as one of our main entrees. You can select from rotating options on the menu.

Q: What's new with Phoenix Phresh (Salads & Smoothies) and Garden Café subs?
A: To help with managing traffic and touch points in these locations we are asking that everyone utilize the UWGB Dining app to order Phoenix Phresh (salads & smoothies) and Garden Café subs.