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Allen Huffcutt

Allen Huffcutt

Hendrickson Professor of Business
WH 460P
Marketing & Management
Professor Allen I. Huffcutt joined the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business in August 2019 as an Associate Professor of Management with an emphasis in the employee selection aspect of human resources.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison, spent the next five years working for General Electric in various engineering-related capacities in various parts of the country, and then returned to academia to receive a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Texas A&M University.  He came to UW-Green Bay from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, where he taught various HR-related courses and statistics.
Professor Huffcutt’s research, particularly on employment interviews, has been widely recognized both inside and outside academia. Recently, he was noted to be among the top 2% most influential authors as measured by textbook citations.  He is a Fellow in two organizations (the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology or SIOP, and the American Psychological Association or APS).  Finally, Forbes online and the Chronicle of Higher Education both highlighted his research on interviews (2015 and 2011 respectively).
In addition, Professor Huffcutt has a long history of involving students in this research program.  Since 2011, his undergraduate research team has made 14 conference presentations that included 40 different students.  In addition, several of these students ended up as authors on journal publications, and currently another study is under review at a top journal with four student authors.  He looks forward to establishing a similar research team here at UW-Green Bay.
Select publications are shown below.  An asterisk indicates a student author.
HHuffcutt, A. I., Howes, S. S., Murphy, D. D., & Murphy S. A. (in-press). Enhancing consistency of maximal responding in Behavior Description Interviews: An exploration of priming and response length. Personnel Assessment and Decisions
Huffcutt, A. I., & Murphy, S. A. (2023). Structured interview validity: Moving beyond mean validity. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 16(3), 344-348. 
Howes, S. S., Howes, J. C., & Huffcutt, A. I. (2021). Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, and I-O Psychology’s role in managing them. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 14, 156-159.  
Huffcutt, A. I., Howes, S. S., Dustin, S. L., Chmielewski, A. N.*, Marshall, C. A.*, Metzger, R. L.*, & Gioia, V. P.* (2020). Empirical assessment of typical versus maximal responding in Behavior Description Interviews. Human Performance, 33, 447-467. 
Huffcutt, A. I. (2020). Range restriction in employment interviews: An influence too big to ignore. In E. F. Stone-Romero & P. J. Rosopa (Eds.), Research Methods in Human Resource Management: Toward Valid Research-Based Inferences (Chapter 8, pp. 173-196). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.