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Emily Jahnke

Emily Jahnke

Assistant Teaching Professor
Social Work
Emily Jahnke joined the UW Green Bay Social Work faculty in August of 2022. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay with a BSW in 2008, and is beyond excited to be back working in the program that made her into the professional she is today. She went on to get her MSW from UW Milwaukee, and graduated in 2011. There she took the specialized School Social Work track and has been working as a certified social worker for the last 11 years. Prior to becoming a School Social Worker, Emily worked in many different areas of The Salvation Army of Brown County, including the Youth Community Center, Emergency Services department, and Transitional Housing Program.

Emily is passionate about issues of social justice, decolonization, and trauma. Her post-graduate training includes Restorative Practices, Trauma Informed Care/Trauma Sensitive Schools, Zones of Regulation, Mindfulness Practices, Compassion Resilience, and School-based Mental Health. Emily has a passion for grassroots movements in her local community and loves staying connected to all of the people she has met over the years.

Outside of work, Emily can be found spending time outdoors with her husband and two kids, or indulging in movie marathons. She loves writing poetry, gardening, and baking with her daughter. She is part of a large extended family, and loves to use humor and sharing stories to connect across differences.