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Kiel Nikolakakis

Kiel Nikolakakis

LS 433
Natural & Applied Sciences

Fields of Interest

Microbial symbiosis, protein biochemistry, chemical sensors, microbiology, proteomics, metabolic modeling, microbial cell-cell interactions

Kiel Nikolakakis, PhD, is an assistant teaching professor in the Chemistry Department at UW-Green Bay.

Dr. Nikolakakis spent several years working with Dr. Edward Ruby at UW-Madison, where his post-doctoral research focused on understanding the interactions between bacteria and eukaryotic tissue during symbiotic colonization. He has taught at UW-Green Bay since 2019, and his research focuses on the impacts of microbial communities on plant growth.


B.S. (2007) University of California - Santa Barbara; Ph.D. (2013) University of California - Santa Barbara