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School Social Work Emphasis

School Social Work is one of the emphases students may choose to focus their area of specialized practice. This emphasis prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed for an advanced career in a school setting. This program prepares social workers to apply for licensure with the state of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and obtain employment in a K-12 Wisconsin school. This emphasis is accomplished through coursework, electives, and a specialized field placement.

MSW Requirements
UWGB MSW graduate, Cora Heindel

School Social Worker

“I was able to secure a position in a school upon graduation and was confident in my ability to critically assess and analyze programs and policy while still having a strong foundation in direct practice with students and families. UWGB gave me the tools and space to practice which has, in turn, granted me confidence to work on policies and programs in my community as well as to work within the larger context of the profession, at the state level. ”

Cora Heindel, MSW, CAPSW
School Social Worker
Shawano Community High School, WI

School Social Work Emphasis Requirements

Requirements are established by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).
Core Courses

Complete all:

  • SOC WORK 720: Diversity, Social Justice, and Advocacy
  • SOC WORK 721: Multi-Level Family Systems
  • SOC WORK 728: Advanced Policy: Leadership, Advocacy and Practice
  • SOC WORK 731: Research for MSW Practice

Complete the following:

  • SOC WORK 751: Social Work Practice in Schools
  • SOC WORK 761: Overview of Wisconsin DPI School Social Work Standards
  • SOC WORK 767: Assessing Mental Health and Substance Use in Practice
  • EDUC 695-9: The Exceptional Individual
And an understanding of ACT 31 through a course or workshop
Field Practicum

Two days per week for two consecutive semesters: K-12 School

  • SOC WORK 716: Field III
  • SOC WORK 717: Seminar III
  • SOC WORK 718: Field IV
  • SOC WORK 719: Capstone Seminar

Post-MSW Graduates

Post-MSW graduates who are interested in changing their career path to school social work may be interested in our School Social Work Certificate program.

School Social Work Certificate
Gail Trimberger, MSW Chair

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