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About Environmental Policy & Planning

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Then enhance the built and natural environments around you.

Our environmental policy and planning major gives you the tools you need to plan and implement what's best for the region and its people. From enacting laws that protect our land to managing natural resources to planning communities that work with the environment, you'll make a positive impact in your region and beyond.

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Associate Professor, Marcelo Cruz and student present environmental design concept to the class


Enhance your education and discover future careers with an internship that introduces you to the professional world.

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Our accelerated program means you can work toward a master's in environmental science and policy while an undergrad.

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Choose the Path that Speaks to You

Based on which field you want to go into, from law to policy to architecture, our emphases can help you focus your degree to succeed in the workforce:

Environmental Policy

Interested in creating a more sustainable world through public policy? Then the environmental policy emphasis is for you. It focuses on environmental policy development and implementation; methods of policy analysis; and political, administrative, legal and economic issues in environmental policy. You'll be prepared for employment in the public, nonprofit and private market sectors as environmental policy analysts, specialists in public information, environmental managers, government workers and related careers, as well as for graduate work in environmental studies, public policy, public affairs, administration and law.

Environmental Policy Sheet

Environmental Planning

Learn how to plan communities so you can protect the environment too. Environmental planning focuses on sustainable land use and planning methods for human settlements and surrounding environments in an era of climate change and resource scarcity. This emphasis teaches you skills in management of land and natural resources, techniques in geographic information systems and how to adapt to the accelerating human influences on our environment.

Environmental Planning Sheet

Regional Planning & Environmental Design

Environmental problems can't only be solved at the federal level; our communities have to focus on a better world too. With the regional planning and environmental design emphasis, you'll implement creative problem-solving techniques in defining, analyzing and solving problems in the built environment at human scale. Topics include basic graphic and verbal presentation techniques and relationships between form, the natural environment, people and function. With this emphasis, you'll be prepared for careers and graduate work in architecture, environmental planning, urban and regional planning and community-based non-profit organizations.

Regional Planning & Design Sheet

Environmental Policy & Planning Minor

Similar to the major, you'll develop knowledge and skills in planning, decision-making, public policy, environmental design, political and economic processes. Popular majors that pair well with the minor include environmental science, public administration, political science and democracy and justice studies.

Minor Sheet

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Branch out in college; flourish after graduation.

The environmental policy and planning program at UW-Green Bay helps you get the experience you need to achieve your goals.

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100% Success!

Six months after graduation, 100% of our 2020 graduates were employed or continuing their education. And, the median annual wage for environmental analysts was $76,530. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021).

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Explore a tundra wilderness one hour, then a tropical paradise the next. By doing the summer course in Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands, you can explore the 8th most biodiverse country on earth.

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Become invaluable in the workforce and diversify your degree. Environmental policy and planning pairs well with other majors, like public administration and political science.

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Environmental Policy Planning and Political Science student Nadia Neziri

Creating a Healthy

“Something that I love about the environmental policy major is that the students are all so open to asking for help. The major is pretty hard, and we all get confused sometimes and need help. So, it’s pretty normal for us to get together and work on projects and things together, which creates a very healthy environment.”

Nadia Neziri
Environmental Policy & Planning Major

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Professor Laurel Phoenix

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Interested in environmental policy and planning? Professor Laurel Phoenix can help you figure out if our program is right for you.

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