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Environmental Policy & Planning Scholarships

Seeing Green

Scholarships help fund your education.

From $100 to $10,000, there are funds out there waiting to be rewarded to deserving students like you! UW-Green Bay has University-specific scholarships, but you can also apply at outside organizations to fund your education.

UW-Green Bay Scholarships

Female student gives speech after recieving a scholarship

Udall Scholarship

Are you working toward a career in conservation to help the environment? Can you demonstrate what you’ve done to support sustainable practices on campus and in your community? Then applying for the Udall Scholarship might be for you. The Udall Foundation offers scholarships every year to sophomores and juniors committed to issues about Native American relations or the environment.

Associate Professor Laurel Phoenix is the campus faculty representative to contact if you would like to apply for this opportunity and submit all required materials. Please email her at

Udall Scholarship

Fulbright Grant

Live, learn and engage with another culture. With a Fulbright grant, you can get the funding you need to pursue graduate study, conduct research or teach English abroad. Apply for the grant so you can become a more globally-engaged citizen and learn more – both about people, culture and your field.

Questions about the application process? Professor Elizabeth Wheat is here to help as a campus faculty advisor for the Fulbright program.

Fulbright Program

Other Relevant Scholarships

These department-specific scholarships can help finance your future and give you the freedom to pursue research opportunities, study abroad and get an unpaid internship. These opportunities can help put you on a path toward careers that protect our environment and strengthen our communities:
  1. AFCS Ethics in Public Affairs Scholarships ($920)
  2. Center for Public Affairs Research Scholarship ($309)
  3. Karen Dalke Memorial Global Citizen Scholarship (at least $300, as funding permits)
  4. Outstanding Student in PEA ($381)
  5. Arie and Sandy DeWaal Scholarship ($1,098)
  6. Frank Byrne Memorial Scholarship ($413)
  7. Ismail Shariff Endowed Scholarship ($479)
Katherine Bruni, Master's Student at Maastricht University

Fund Your

"I was very fortunate and did receive the Maastricht University Fulbright Grant to the Netherlands for the 2021-2022 period and I used it to fund my graduate programs here in the Netherlands."

Katherine Bruni '20
Master's Student at Maastricht University

Read Her Story

Professor Laurel Phoenix

Get In Touch

Contact Professor Laurel Phoenix if you have questions. She can help you navigate the world of scholarships.

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