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Career Opportunities

Graduates work in public, private and nonprofit organizations. For example, students have found employment with environmental groups, in local government and in environmental compliance departments of large companies. Information about careers can also be found on the Internet, or in career guides. Other material about careers can be reviewed in the University's Career Services in Student Services 1600. That office also can assist you in exploring career opportunities and in preparing a resume.

If you are interested in pursuing an Environmental Policy and Planning major or minor, contact the program advisors or the chair of Public and Environmental Affairs to discuss programs of study that are available. They can advise you on the best order in which to take courses, the most suitable way to prepare for specific courses, and help you succeed in the program. You should also consider talking with students in the program. You might also want to examine the PEA department home page for information about internships, course syllabi, faculty, and other pertinent topics.