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Daniel Meinhardt

Daniel Meinhardt

Associate Professor and Richter Museum Curator
MAC 218E
Human Biology

Dr. Meinhardt (he/him/his) teaches courses in human anatomy and physiology, comparative vertebrate anatomy, and evolutionary biology. Trained as an evolutionary anatomist, Dr. Meinhardt’s early research focused on miniaturization in frogs and some philosophical questions in evolutionary biology (e.g., Are species real?). Recently, he turned attention to the development of human reproductive anatomy, specifically the processes that cause individuals to develop anatomy that is not typically male or female. Because of ethical and practical limitations to the study of human sexual variation, Dr. Meinhardt has addressed the subject by applying his training in scientific illustration and photography to the subject. His recent work blurs the line between art and science. For example, with art professor Alison Gates, he produced a mixed media piece called Gender Reveal Party, which was accepted to the juried exhibition Intimate Systems at 100Arts, a gallery in Madison, WI. This piece explores the science of sex and gender and challenges social constructs of maleness and femaleness. In 2015 the Pride Center honored Dr. Meinhardt with the faculty Lavender Leadership Award.

Research Interests

Dr. Meinhardt is interested in the development and evolution of the vertebrate skeleton, the philosophy of science, and the relationship between art and science.


Ph.D. 2002 The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS; B.S. 1992 Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville