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Environmental Science Internships

Launch Your Career

You can't beat real work experience.

There’s the old joke that companies only want people with prior experience for entry level jobs. How are you supposed to get experience if you can’t get hired? The answer is internships during your undergraduate career. Employers hire people with experience and skills. And a college degree alone doesn't give you the skills and experience you need.

Internship Help   

Student and professor release bird at bird banding
Professors examine preserved bird specimens at Richter Natural History Museum

On Campus Internships

The Richter Museum, Herbarium and Arboretum have internships available for students – some positions include day-to-day operations, while others help with the curation and preparation of specimens. In the summer, technicians are hired to help control invasive plants on our natural areas. Interested students should contact Dr. Robert Howe for further information on the availability of positions.

Explore On-Campus Internships  
Students examine sturgeon at local natural area

Research Projects

Follow your curiosities and get involved in one of our research projects on campus. As a student, you'll be working with the world's experts and contributing to valuable research that makes an impact on our world. In addition to the opportunities listed on our website, contact professors who are working in your area of interest.

Research Your Interests  
Students in protective gear preform prairie burn

Off Campus Opportunities

Internships play a crucial role in your career development, so the more the merrier. To bolster your resume and prepare for the workforce, look for opportunities off campus. While many internships are linked to UW-Green Bay, you might want to do an internship in a different ecological environment to broaden your knowledge.

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Kenzie Ostien

Diverse Facets to Explore

"Environmental careers are as diverse as environmental issues; UW-Green Bay students can explore many facets of environmental industries and environmental conservation. The UW-Green Bay faculty and Cofrin Center for Biodiversity provided research, presentation, career opportunities and hands-on experience I needed to decide on my career path within environmental science and succeed in it."

Kenzie Ostien '19
Associate Professional, SCS Engineers

Steve Meyer

Want to Know More?

Need help finding an internship? Wondering how an internship can help your career? Get in touch with our program advisor, Kim Lintner.

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