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Restriction Request

A student may restrict the release of all their Directory Information, except to school officials with a Demonstrated Need to Know and other officials as defined under FERPA. To do so, as student must make a written request by submitting a FERPA Request to Withhold Information form. Although the initial request may be filed at any time, request for non-disclosure will be honored by the university until rescinded by the student in writing. A student may rescind their request by using the same form.

A student should consider all aspects of a Directory Hold prior to filing such a request. Requests for enrollment or degree verifications from non-instructional person or organizes will be refused if a requested restriction is in place. A student’s email address will not appear in the campus email directory, which may make if more difficult for faculty, staff and other classmates to communicate with you. A restricted email address would still be included in automated campus email directories (i.e., course distribution lists).