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Guest Access in SIS

Guest Access as an "Authorized Party" allows students to grant access to parents or others as an 'authorized party' through our online payment vendor , Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) where they can view the student's financial account and make electronic payments. Follow the directions to add an Authorized Party.

Once a guest has been granted access by the student as an "Authorized Party" for the ability to view the student financial account information and ability to make online electronic payments by credit card; debit card; or electronic check:

  • View financial account information.
  • Make payments.
  • Guest Usernames and passwords will be sent in separate emails to the student's campus email address. Students will be responsible for forwarding this information to their authorized guests.
  • A SIS Guest Access Account that is not accessed for 9 (nine) consecutive months may need to be reauthorized by the student.