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Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges

Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges

Professor, Chair of Psychology
MAC C320

Dr. Wilson-Doenges' field is Environmental Psychology which explores the transactions between people and the physical environment in many contexts. Her research interests involve individual's interpretation of sense of community and how neighborhood design can foster or break down that sense of community in residential life. Specifically she has looked at the effect of physical boundaries, such as fences and gates, on sense of community and fear of crime in varied income-level communities. Her other research interests include community garden projects in at-risk neighborhoods, student engagement in college, experiential learning, and assessment of undergraduate psychology learning outcomes. Dr. Wilson-Doenges advises internships with Foxview Intermediate School, the Salvation Army, and the Green Bay Police Department.


Ph.D. University of California-Irvine in Social Ecology, M.A. UC-Irvine, B.A. Boston University