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Planned Gifts

After providing for loved ones, you may choose to make a gift to UW-Green Bay through a your will or trust. A planned gift to the UW-Green Bay Foundation will leave a legacy for the next generation of students.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving involves providing for a future gift to charities through your financial and estate plans. The Foundation welcomes gifts made through different planned giving arrangements. These arrangements can:

  • Provide for you or your loved ones
  • Entitle you to charitable income and/or gift or estate tax deductions
  • Enable you to leave a legacy for UW-Green Bay

A charitable gift through your will or trust can dramatically reduce federal estate and inheritance taxes, while providing support for students and programs.

The Niagara Society

The UW-Green Bay Foundation honors donors who have made a planned gift by enrolling them in the Niagara Society. The Niagara Society is composed of individuals who have informed the Foundation they have included a provision in their financial plans to benefit the University through their estates. Donors may enroll anonymously in the Niagara Society.

Members of the Niagara Society receive invitations to special events and University updates from the chancellor and Niagara Society chair.

“We’ve met many alumni of the school and always admired the quality of its graduates and how well prepared they are for their chosen occupations," says Scott Wochos, who with wife, Cindy, are chairs of the Niagara Society. "Including UW-Green Bay as a beneficiary of our estate was one of the most inspiring moments we’ve shared together.”

Let us know your intentions: If you have named UW-Green Bay in your estate plan, please let us know so that we can ensure your gift is used according to your wishes. If you prefer your gift to be anonymous, we will honor your request for confidentiality.

Scott and Cindy Wochos

Common Types of Planned Gifts

Wills and trusts

Donors include a provision in their will or trust directing that a gift be paid to UW-Green Bay Foundation after their death or the death of one of their survivors. Gifts may be a specific amount of money, an item of property or a percentage of the balance remaining in their estate after taxes, expenses, and specific bequests have been paid.

Life insurance

When an existing life insurance policy is no longer useful, you can vest all ownership rights to the UW-Green Bay Foundation. The investment into the policy pass to the Foundation, supporting student success and programs as a charitable contribution.

You also can name the Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, including employer-sponsored benefits, as an easy way to create a planned gift no matter what your position in life.

Charitable remainder trusts

With a charitable remainder trust, assets are transferred into a trust for a designated number of years (or for the duration of your life). Regular payments are made to you or another beneficiary for those years, and then the remaining assets are paid to the UW-Green Bay Foundation to create a permanent charitable fund.

Charitable lead trusts

This is a flexible plan in which assets are transferred to a trust that pays income to one or more charitable recipients. At a fixed date or at the time of death, the assets are transferred to others named by the donor.

Case Study: Hendricksons legacy of support for University carries on

The generosity and goodwill of Phil and Betsy Hendrickson toward UW-Green Bay has been extensive in its impact and impressive in its duration.

The couple directed a significant share of their philanthropic and volunteer service toward the University, Betsy’s (master’s degree) alma mater, during their lifetimes. Their names are prominent on campus through the Philip J. and Elizabeth Hendrickson Professorship in Business, the Hendrickson Community Center at Residence Life and more.

With Phil’s passing in 2017, came a thoughtful estate gift supporting two scholarships in the couple’s honor. “We think it is important to reciprocate the wonderful opportunities we’ve been given so that other people can enjoy some of the same advantages,” Betsy told the University in a 2004 article. Betsy passed away in 2013.

Higher education held great importance in their lives. Both are graduates of UW-Madison. Phil earned his undergraduate degree in accounting and holds an MBA from Harvard. Betsy, whose mother was a graduate of Ohio State University, earned a degree in chemistry in 1945 and began graduate school at Cornell University. More than 30 years later, following time off raising three children, she completed a master’s degree at UW-Green Bay.

“We are so blessed to have both outstanding private and public opportunities for higher education in this community,” said Betsy in the 2004 article. “I have a real soft spot in my heart for UW-Green Bay.”

Betsy and Phil Hendrickson

The staff in office of University Advancement have many years of experience helping alumni and friends consider their planned giving options. We would be happy to help you explore how a planned gift might fit in your plans.

Please email to notify the Foundation of your gift, for a confidential consultation, or for more information on leaving your legacy gift.

The Foundation advises consulting with a personal accountant, tax advisor, financial planner, and/or lawyer to determine the form of giving that is best for you.

Designating UW-Green Bay in Your Estate Plan

Use the information below to designate the UW-Green Bay Foundation in your estate plan.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Foundation, Inc.
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311-7001
Phone: 920-465-2074
Tax Identification: #45-1600858