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Why Support UW-Green Bay

The Need is Real. The Time is Now. 

The role of comprehensive universities in the United States has never been more important. In addition to generating transformational change for our communities, UW-Green Bay educates a significant number of our future leaders in science, engineering, business, public policy, history, education, art, and more.

Since the university was established more than 50 years ago, generous donors have created more than 260 endowed funds. Many of these funds are directed by donors for specific purposes, such as supporting first-generation college students or a particular field of study. Endowed funds continue to provide support year after year.

UWGB Freshman Service Project
1. Tax and tuition cover only a portion of the real cost of undergraduate education.

The story at UW-Green Bay begins with state tax dollars plus tuition, but it not complete without significant community contributions and advocacy — a point that goes right to the very foundation, the Earth upon which the University sits, which was donated.

Fifty years ago, state funding covered 90 percent of core educational costs. The funding model, however, is shifting dramatically. In recent years, state funding has covered about 22 percent of the University’s $149.7 million overall budget, with the remainder covered by tuition, fees, grants and contributions. Program enhancement, new degree curriculum and building projects are not including in annual budgets or state funding equations.

In 2013, the state Legislature froze tuition for resident undergraduate students attending a University of Wisconsin System campus. The strategy has led to savings for students, but has left Universities of Wisconsin schools to cope with stagnate revenue amid state budget cuts, which similar public and private universities have increased tuition by as much as 20 percent.

That has meant the university has had less core funding and must attract community support to maintain the quality liberal arts education generations of students have grown to expect.

2. Nearly half of all UW-Green Bay undergraduates depend on need-based aid from the university.

Evidence is overwhelming that the jobs of today and the future will require a workforce with extensive post-secondary education. Of the nearly 10,000 students enrolled at UW-Green Bay, 50 percent of undergraduates are first-generation college students. Research of birth rates show that high school graduates increasingly will come from socioeconomic groups that tend to have lower college-going rates.

At UW-Green Bay, scholarships are more important than ever before. For many talented and gifted people who dream of going to college, the financial resources may not be available to help them make that dream a reality.

Private funding from community members, retirees, alumni and businesses through the UW-Green Bay Foundation allows us to sustain the university and bolster the value of a UW-Green Bay degree. Your gifts are investments in the future of the university and the students, faculty and staff who will shape the future of Wisconsin and the world.

3. Because we're proud.

Alumni and friends like you assure that UW-Green Bay will never stop transforming lives. Your gift, whatever its size, makes a huge difference in assuring the Phoenix tradition will be available to new generations of students. Gifts like yours bolster the value of a UW-Green Bay degree. They are investments in the future of the university and the students, faculty and staff who will shape the future of Wisconsin and the world.

4. Most gifts are restricted.

The majority of gifts to UW-Green Bay, and 100 percent of endowed funds are directed toward particular schools, departments or programs. Annual, unrestricted gifts provide vital flexibility.

5. Federal funding has declined.

Young comprehensive universities like UW-Green Bay sometimes struggle to produce meaningful research. Federal support for university research is significant, but it's been declining for years in real dollars. The current budget environment makes such funding even more precarious.

UW-Green Bay’s history in Freshwater research shows that UW-Green Bay has been contributing to the national discourse and was recently awarded a National Estuarine Research Reserve, which will mean cutting-edge freshwater research for decades to come.

6. Our mission is to provide every student a path to their future.

The college attainment gap in northeast Wisconsin is stark — we are far below national averages for college graduates with undergraduate and graduate degrees. Targeted need-based financial aid is the most important intervention that can be deployed to address this achievement gap. Need-based aid helps low-income and first-generation students overcome the barriers that block them from accessing and succeeding in post-secondary educational programs.

UW-Green Bay is one of the most efficient schools in the Universities of Wisconsin and prioritizes providing a quality education while being responsible stewards of student and taxpayer funds. What’s more, UW-Green Bay students graduate with the least amount of debt in the Universities of Wisconsin.

7. Every gift makes a difference!

Most gifts to UW-Green Bay are under $1,000. But together they add up to millions for financial aid, academics, research and other programs.