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Radio GBX Student Opportunities

Add Your Voice

Radio GBX – created by students to serve the community.

Experience the ins and outs of operating a radio station. You’ll be able to explore your interest in music and develop skills in broadcast media. This station provides a lot of opportunities, including control work, being on air, producing, directing and more.

Meet Our Current Executive Board

Two students during a radio broadcast

Executive Board Positions

The following positions mean professional experience as you explore your interest in broadcast media. Some students serve only one semester; others continue and assume leadership roles. Interns each work at least 10 hours per week. All interns will:

  • Attend staff meetings.
  • Work collaboratively to create programs and run talk shows.
  • Receive mentoring and support from Professor Bryan Carr.

Student DJs

A GBX Radio general employee will:

  • Assist with operation and maintenance of broadcast equipment to ensure quality.
  • Brainstorm ideas for new programs and talk shows.
  • Engage skills of problem-solving, computer skills and communication, both verbal and written, among others.
  • Host weekly airshifts.

Program Director

The Program Director is responsible for the "sound" of the station, developing schedules, coordinating programming, maintaining equipment and automation software, and working closely with the other executive positions. The Studio Manager will:

  • Maintain broadcast schedules.
  • Work with General Manager to develop direction and goals for the station.
  • Coordinate with other executive positions to operate station.

Music Director

The Music Director is responsible for maintaining and expanding the music library and working with music promoters and record labels to obtain new music. The Music Director will also work with specialty show producers to develop show-specific playlists and ensure that all tracks are in compliance with quality and content standards. This is a perfect position for anyone who loves and lives music. The Music Director will:

  • Maintain music library and add new tracks from record labels and promoters.
  • Develop and maintain music rotation clocks and the "station sound."
  • Establish and maintain relationships with local artists.
  • Convene listener surveys and listening groups.

Production Director

The Production Director is responsible for writing, editing, and producing imaging and other content for the station. This job requires a high level of ability or willingness to learn professional audio editing techniques, and is perfect for the creative. The Production Director will:

  • Write, edit and produce imaging, including station IDs, liners, sweepers, on-air promos, underwriting messages and more.
  • Review and implement public service announcements from the Ad Council.
  • Maintain audio production library of music and sound effects and seek out voiceover talent.

News and Sports Director

The News and Sports Director plays a pivotal role in the community service goals of Radio GBX. As News and Sports Director, you set the tone for how Radio GBX covers the most important issues to Northeast Wisconsin, assign schedules, and work closely with reporters and anchors to set ethical and reporting quality standards. The News and Sports Director will:

  • Train and assign reporters to a broadcast schedule.
  • Develop and coordinate a house style and policies for on-air reporting.
  • Maintain news content on social media and online platforms.
Daniel Bestul, Communication Major, Sports Communication Emphasis

Broadcast Your Talents

"I really like the aspect of how we can connect with students. Allowing this to be a student run station and being able to have a say in the station is something I like. Most of the songs' content was run through by students. Just having something that everyone can see and say 'I did that' is pretty unique."

Daniel Bestul '24
Communication Major, Sports Communication Emphasis

Associate Professor Bryan Carr

ASk An Expert

Meet Bryan Carr, associate professor and the faculty advisor for Radio GBX at UW-Green Bay. If you want to work here, just connect with us.

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