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Digital Badges

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UW-Green Bay will be offering digital badges for GEAR UP students to confirm mastery of material or skill and to demonstrate your accomplishments through GEAR UP to employers and other reviewers.  Digital badges can be displayed on your personal webpage, resume, social media and email signature. You will have the opportunity to earn several digital badges during your time in GEAR UP! Earning badges will help you work toward qualifying for the maximum GEAR UP Scholarship amount.

Benefits for the Student:

  • Badges are a quick and easy way to share verified knowledge and expertise to employers and other reviewers.
  • Badges empower students with 24/7 digital access on resumes, websites, social media and email signatures.
  • Badges provide a point of distinction and a way to differentiate from other candidates

Benefits for Employers or Other Reviewers:

  • Badges are a secure and verifiable way to recognize achievement.
  • Badges offer a current record of accomplishment for students.

Example GEAR UP Badges

Examples of Service Badges You May Earn When Participating in GEAR UP Services:

Image of Course Orientation Badge

Course Orientation Badge

Course Orientation Badges can be earned by semester.

Image of Course Reflection Badge

Course Reflection Badge

A Course Reflection Badge can be earned for each UW-Green Bay college course a student enrolls in. .

Image of STEM Reflection Badge

STEM Program Reflection Badge
STEM Program Reflection Badges can be earned for each STEM Program a student participates in.

By Request Badges You Could Earn:

Image of College Tour Reflection Badge

College Tour Reflection Badge

Earn college tour badges by reflecting on EACH college tour experience you engage in.

Earn a College Tour Badge

Image of Job Shadow Reflection Badge

Job Shadow Reflection Badge

Earn job shadow badges by reflecting on each job shadow experience you engage in.

Aubrey Schramm

Need more Guidance?

If you have questions about UW-Green Bay's GEAR UP Services, please contact Aubrey Schramm, Executive Manager, GEAR UP Services by calling/testing 920-412-6649, or you can email our team at

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