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Biological Changes

One of the biggest concerns about aging is how to do it well. Many are concerned about hereditary diseases and if they will need support, or if illness will necessitate the need for assisted living.

New research into the field of aging shows that many common debilitating diseases can be prevented through exercise and diet. Maintaining an active mind and lifestyle can also help combat the normal aging process. See the results of the largest study conducted regarding aging; The Seattle Longitudinal Study. This study began in 1956 by Dr. K. Warner Schaie and has been updated every seven years. The findings of this study have been used to determine important issues like age discrimination and mandatory retirement issues.

Dealing with Illness

For some dealing with illness is a harsh reality. There is so much information on illness it can be hard to know what is accurate. We have compiled a list of sites dealing with different adult illnesses that are research based, updated often and reputable. These sites can give you information about illness, symptoms and new remedies but should always be used is conjunction with a doctor's counsel.

Heart Disease