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What can I expect?

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to engage in learning experiences that help your cultivate your sense of belonging, discover your purpose and develop the skills and perspectives to earn a degree or credential and positively impact your community.

Do I move into campus early?

No, all students enrolled in GPS move in at the same time as all other students.

How will I benefit from this program?

It's a big leap from high school to college. College classes challenge you to learn in new ways and ask you to do more outside of the classroom. Successful students must learn to step out of their comfort zones, speak for themselves and ask for help. Talk about pressure! But at UW-Green Bay, the GPS program will give you the tools you need to meet these challenges. By completing this program, you'll enter the school year ready to succeed in the college classroom, tackle college-level work and get the most out of yourself and what UW-Green Bay has to offer.

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Is there anything I need to do before the semester starts?

There is nothing you need to do until you attend GB Welcome at your campus. You will receive information about sessions during GB Welcome that will be important to your success at UW-Green Bay.

  • Discover how you will learn in college (hint: it's different than high school!) and begin developing habits that will be key to your success
  • Explore why higher education is beneficial for your future and the degree path you intend to pursue
  • Experience the college classroom environment and practice skills necessary to thrive in that setting
  • Learn how to use the various technology that UWGB students use in and out of the classroom
  • Develop a time management strategy for balancing classes, work, friends and self-care during your life as a college student
  • Makes goals for your first year and develop action plans to accomplish them
  • Learn about the offices and resources important to UWGB students and find your way around campus
  • Develop a positive mindset to meet any challenges that come your way
  • Make friendships that will be the cornerstone of your first year
  • Build relationships with faculty and staff who will help you navigate your time at UW-Green Bay

Do I need to register for the GPS Tools for Success class?

Our GPS staff will register you into the class and work with your advisor to make sure it is a good fit.

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Have Questions?

Just ask Meagan Strehlow, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success. We are excited to have you in the GPS program.

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