Course Descriptions

  • All five courses must be completed to satisfy requirements for the certificate program.
  • Four courses must be completed to satisfy requirements for the bachelor's degree.
  • Courses are offered on a rotating basis — one class available in the fall, spring and summer terms.
  • Each course awards three undergraduate credits.
  • The program can be completed in as little as two years.

Management in Health Systems Certificate Courses


Health Care Systems HEALTH MGT 301 (3 credits)

Fall 2019

This course focuses on the organization, delivery, and financing of healthcare in the U.S. It examines both private and public health sectors and effects of government health care policy on the quality of healthcare delivery.

Healthcare Management HEALTH MGT 302 (3 credits)

Spring 2020

This course provides an introduction to healthcare management including important issues such as management thinking, cost management, strategic planning, and quality improvement. Case studies will be used to enhance student learning.

*Budgeting and Financial Management ORG LEAD 347 

(3 credits)

Spring 2020, Summer 2020

This course will examine and address the intersection of budgeting and financial management across all three organizational sectors—public, private, and nonprofit, highlighting similarities and differences. It will delve into techniques, strategies, theories, and applications of budgeting and financial management, with an emphasis on real-world applications in organizations of all sizes and types.

*This course is part of the certificate only, not emphasis. Students who are in the emphasis and want to take this course may register for this course in addition, but cannot substitute it for another course.

Healthcare Economics & Policy HEALTH MGT 401

(3 credits)

Fall 2020

Overview of the economics that drive healthcare in the United States. Topics include a review of major healthcare systems, basic economic principles, payers of healthcare, relationship of healthcare policy to economics, and healthcare reform.

Population Healthcare Management HEALTH MGT 402 (3 credits)

Spring 2021

This course examines new requirements for population-oriented health delivery initiatives, and the challenges and opportunities to improve health within and across populations. Topics include determinants of health, sources of population health data, measuring health outcomes, and disease management.