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Management in Health Systems Noncredit Certificate

Advance Your career In Healthcare

Expand your responsibilities in an evolving healthcare system.

Healthcare is evolving. Expand your responsibilities with technology and coordination skills that do not involve direct patient care. Better health is central to human happiness and well-being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as healthy populations live longer, are more productive and save more.


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Summer 2023-Fall 2024 
(5 Classes)


Scheduled Online Study (Canvas)


$200 per class
$1,000 for certificate program
Limited Time Offer

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Healthcare + Technology

Not only is the healthcare industry growing faster than any other in the United States, it's also growing in complexity, creating new challenges and a need for trained professionals capable of overseeing the interrelating data, personnel and unifying patient care.

 It's definitely a field where you can make a difference, earn a great wage and find ample job opportunities.​

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Demand for New and Expanding Skills

As hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations grow, the demand for professionals with the skills and credentials to take on these new and expanding leadership responsibilities also grows exponentially, applying to:

  • Managers looking to advance or transition in healthcare
  • Healthcare professionals seeking more responsibility and career advancement
  • Caregivers or providers looking for growth opportunities

Flexible Sessions

This certificate encompasses five scheduled online courses that can be completed over multiple semesters. Four courses are 7-week accelerated courses during spring or fall semesters, and one course is an 8-week accelerated course over the summer. Courses cover topics that will put you at the center of operations at a hospital or clinic, safeguarding the patient experience.​

All successful candidates must have a high school level analytical ability and be proficient in reading, writing and math. Candidates should also be comfortable with technology and computers with some experience of Microsoft Word. Candidates should be capable of writing reports and taking online exams using a laptop/PC. 

Healthcare Systems

Fall 2023

7 Week Online Course
Focusing on the organization, delivery, and financing of healthcare, examining private and public health sectors and government policy. HLTH MGT 301

Healthcare Management

Fall 2023

7 Week Online Course
Introducing important issues such as management thinking, cost management, strategic planning, and quality improvement. HLTH MGT 302

Healthcare Economics & Policy

Spring 2024

7 Week Online Course
Outlining the economics driving today’s healthcare, including the relationship of policy to economics and reform. HLTH MGT 401

Population Healthcare Economics Management

Spring 2024

7 Week Online Course
Examining new requirements and challenges for population-oriented health delivery initiatives. HLTH MGT 402

Budgeting & Financial Managemet

Summer 2024

8 Week Online Course
Delving into real-world techniques, strategies, theories and applications of financial management. ORG LEAD 347

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Be a Stand Out Candidate

Upon completion of the certificate, you will receive an exclusive UW-Green Bay Certificate or Digital Badge, which will signal mastery of the curriculum, enabling you to stand out from other candidates. The digital badge can be shared on your resume, your social media, your website and your email signature. 

Take it to the Next Level

If you are interested in a credit version of the certificate or wish to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Management in Health Systems, please reach out to Nursing and Health Studies personnel. 

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