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2017 Accreditation Visit

As part of its 10-year Comprehensive Accreditation process, the University is required to submit an assurance Argument and supporting evidence. The Argument assures the Higher Learning Commission that UWGB meets the required Criteria. The Assurance Argument is available here for university and public review.

Federal Compliance

As part of the institution’s accreditation process, we must demonstrate that the University complies with specific regulations outlined by the U.S. Department of Education.  Areas reviewed include:

  • Assignment of Credits, Program Length and Tuition
  • Institutional Records of Student Complaints
  • Publication of Transfer Policies
  • Practices for Verification of Student Identity
  • Title IV Program Responsibilities
  • Required Information for Students and the Public
  • Advertising and Recruitment Materials and Other Public Information
  • Review of Student Outcome Data
  • Publication of Student Outcome Data
  • Standing With State and Other Accrediting Agencies
  • Public Notification of Opportunity to Comment
  • Competency-Based Programs, Including Direct Assessment Programs, and Faculty-Student Engagement

The full process is explained on the HLC Federal Compliance Program page. Below is UWGB's Federal Compliance Filing form, which was submitted on August 2, 2017, along with two of the required appendices: Appendix B Student Complaints and Appendix Y Notices of Opportunity to Comment.  (The other appendices contain existing documents; these two appendices represent additional reports filed with the HLC.)

Quality Initiative

In 2012, The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools redesigned its accreditation pathway for its ten year re-accreditation cycle. As part of this process, the HLC requires universities and colleges to complete a Quality Initiative (QI) project.  The Commission encourages each institution to design a QI project that takes risks to innovate in order to take on a tough challenge or to pursue an as-of-yet unproven strategy to improve the quality of teaching and learning. In 2013, the University chose Quality Matters (QM) for its QI project. QM is a nationally-recognized, faculty-centered, peer-reviewed process designed to ensure the quality of online teaching and learning. It was selected because of its fit with the campus Strategic Plan, because of the dramatic growth of online education at UW-Green Bay, and because of the need to have a process in place to maintain the University’s high standards. The Quality Matters QI project is housed in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL).

In July 2017, UW-Green bay submitted its Quality Initiative Report to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for review as part of its 10-year comprehensive review. The HLC Review was very positive and accepted the report as a genuine effort to improve the University’s quality of instruction.

Student Survey

As part of its 10-year Comprehensive Accreditation process, the University is required to request comments from students. UWGB conducted this survey April 3-12, 2017. The report summary is available below.